Is Your Concrete Foundation Safe from Water Infiltration?

Concrete Issues in AustraliaA foundation issue is probably the worst thing that can happen to your Australian home. The foundation keeps your house where it is for it is literally where your home will be built on. The major source of these problems is water and if the soil is wet, your foundation will weaken and start to swell. Yet, this is only the primary cause of why you should be using waterproofing products to keep the foundation dry.

Common Concrete Issues

Besides the wet foundation, you also have to ensure that crawl spaces and basements are not damp as these areas make it easy for mould to breed, says The issue here is because typical concrete is not really waterproof. Even though uncracked concrete can block out liquid water, water vapour can still easily infiltrate it.

Preventing Water Infiltration

To ensure that your home’s structure will be sturdy, water drainage should be far from it to make sure that it does not penetrate through the concrete. But, maintaining a dry interior space will depend on the depth of the foundation, soil or water table conditions, topography, climate and geographic location. House Logic recommends either using plastic sheets and panels, concrete waterproofing coatings, silicate-based concrete sealers, waterproofing paint, or exterior waterproofing.

When creating a system to prevent the water from penetrating, residents must make sure that ground surface treatment is adjacent to their home to guide surface water away. The wall treatment must be able to keep the moisture from entering the wall and direct the water down the drains. Moreover, the drains should be able to stop the water from moving to the bottom of the foundation.

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The American Society of Civil Engineers shares that successfully waterproofing concrete foundation will prevent the deterioration of health and environmental conditions, as well as, the building materials used below ground. Not only that, it will also expand the lifespan of the concrete and your home’s foundation.

You do need to remember that everything will be underground once your home is complete, so it is vital that you do it right the first time around. Repairing damages will be costly for you once your home is finished.