Installing Gutters Yourself: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Installing Gutters Yourself in Salt Lake CityAre you thinking of installing gutters yourself? Think twice before doing it. You may want to get assistance, at least. Utah has a number of reputable professionals who can help you, so don’t hesitate to visit them for inquiries.

If you insist on doing the installation yourself, avoid these common rain gutter DIY installation mistakes:

Using the wrong gutter type

You should consider the location of your home, particularly the climate, in choosing a material for your type of gutter. Do you live in a place that is often visited by weather disturbances? Or are you in a region that has a temperate climate? The size and gauge of the gutter are also important. Choose the most durable material for your home.

Installing the gutters too close to the roof

This will damage not only the roof but the wall as well. Double T Inc. recommends installing the gutters one inch below the roofline to keep the roof and the wall moist-free.

Miscalculating the pitch

Make sure to mount the gutters at the level of the pitch. This will allow water to flow towards the downspouts and to sweep debris away.

Improperly mounting the hanger system

The gutters will sag if not properly mounted. You should mount the hangers close together to give proper support to the gutter.

Too many seams

You have to weld the gutters together, but take note that exposure to extreme heat, force, and water can strain the connections of the seam. It can damage the gutter if not checked regularly. Use only a few welds to put your gutters together. Or you may choose a seamless gutter to avoid possible problems.

Doing things on your own is risky. You may save time and funds, but it may put your home and family at risk.