Hydro Jetting Vs Grease Buildup: Guess Who Won?

Hydro Jetting Vs Grease BuildupGrease buildup is one of the major causes of sewer overflows in the US. Unknown to you, the sewer line from your house leading to main sewer systems could be accumulating grease at this moment, an expert from Beehiveplumbing.com explains.

Maintaining a clean surrounding is not just about washing off, sweeping or vacuuming unclean matter that you see inside and outside your house. Sometimes, the dirtiest parts of your property remain hidden from plain view and grease build-up in your sewer line is among those.

What Causes Grease Buildup?

This happens when you wash off small amounts of oil off the plates, utensils, and pans. As the greasy matter travel down your pipes, it mixes with other chemicals present in the sewer line that have been poured down or flushed earlier. Such mixture forms a thick composite of chemicals that can stick to the walls of the sewer pipe, which further attract similar materials and builds up over time. According to Business Insider, this greasy accumulation can cause blockages that result to sewer overflows.

What to do if it’s already clogged?

As they say, prevention is better than the cure; however, there are times when you have no other option but to look for a cure. Have no fear, hydro jetting services are near. There is one in every state. For instance, if you are in Utah, finding a dependable company that could get rid of the grease buildup for you is as easy as a pie. Just search the Internet for hydro jetting services Utah.

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Make Your Move Now

Getting a hydro-jetting solution at as soon as possible could get rid of that grease buildup will save you money and a whole lot of trouble. If you put off getting help to remove the grease accumulation, you might find yourself in a situation where you have no other options except to excavate the pipes and replace them with new ones. That would definitely cause your pockets to bleed profusely.

According to Cost Helper, a homeowner may have to fork out $3,000 upwards to excavate and replace sewer lines that have been horribly clogged by grease buildup. That can be avoided if you hire a hydro-jetting company to remove the grease buildup at the earliest. Best of all, aside from being a low-priced alternative, hydro jetting is also an environment-friendly way of removing the buildup in your sewer lines.