How to Keep Your Garden Looking Pretty with Container Plants

Guy watering the plantsHaving a garden can help make your creative juices flow, as there are many ways to spice it up. One way to make your garden shine, for instance, is to fill it with container plants. If you’re into growing plants and flowers in your garden, then this concept is definitely for you.

If you are a beginner, though, it can be tricky for you to start with this project. It can be tough physically and aesthetically and following certain tips will definitely help you succeed with it. Here, Authentic Provence and other experts will give you tips on how to beautifully decorate your garden with Italian planters and flowers:

Mix Your Own Fertilizer

Fill your pots with potting soil for your plants and flowers. Before doing so, ask your supplier if it already has fertilizer mixed in it. If it has, then avoid getting it and make your own mix instead. Get an organic and slow-release fertilizer. Mix it well with the soil before putting it in the pot. Organic is better for both the plants and the environment.

Get Beautiful Pots and Containers

Invest in your planters. They will make a huge difference in your garden and therefore, must be presentable. Look for the best ones and maintain them to keep them looking flawless. Wipe them with a damp cloth and use a polish for ceramic ones. Maintaining your pots and containers properly will make them last a long time, making them indeed a good investment.

Fill it with a Lightweight Material

If you want to save some money with your project, then go ahead and use fillers. Use milk jugs, packing peanuts, and even soda bottles to fill up your planters. If you want to only fill the bottom half with fillers then the top half with soil, separate the two by using a piece of plastic. Using fillers will make it easier to move the pot and plant around.

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Keep these tips in mind and you are off to a good start. Good luck and enjoy!