How to Do Feng Shui in the Workplace

dancing dragonFeng Shui is an ancient philosophical system or belief that focuses on the balance of elements in a living or work environment. The primary principle is that all things have energy and that proper placement of things and elements in a space could help facilitate the flow of this universal energy.

In turn, this free flow of energy and the perfect balance of elements in a space would promote balance, happiness, luck, health and success.

Who would not want to have those things? With this in mind, below are some simple changes that will allow you to incorporate Feng Shui into your workplace design.

Ensure Balance among the Elements

These elements are water, fire, wood, air and metal. For example, if your workspace already has ample fire, as represented by windows, and earth, as represented by indoor plants, you need to balance these out with water, wood and metal elements, explains a renowned commercial interior design expert in Singapore. If you lack the space or items to work with, start with small and basic things, such as wooden pencils or holders and some art.

Clutter be Gone

Keeping clutter out of the workspace not only looks good but also encourages the unobstructed flow of energy. Do not stack papers and other items on top of desks or leave stuff in corners. Make sure your workplace has enough storage space for office items.

Bring the Outside In

Having plants would help purify and circulate the air in your workspace, regardless of how small or big your office might be. The most visually appealing and stunning indoor plants that do not need much sunlight are palms and bamboo. If you are looking for a more low maintenance option, consider succulents such as cactus and aloe vera.

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Feng Shui is vital to your workspace because it ensures proper energy flow throughout the place, which in turn could reduce stress, increase productivity and help you feel more inspired and creative. With these simple changes or improvements, you could enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui.