How to Decorate Your Living Room for Christmas

Fireplace with christmas tree besideThe holiday season is almost here! Hence, it’s also almost time to decorate your living room, which will once again be the center of your holiday activities. To help you get started, here are some ideas for decorating your living room this holiday season:

Furniture or Fixtures

Although they’re decorative pieces themselves, the furniture in your living room can be festooned with Christmas ornaments. You can hang some stockings or garlands on your French fireplace mantel. Your coffee table and shelves can be improved with decorative pine cones and Christmas-themed candles and balls. If you have pendant lights, you can wrap red, green, or gold ribbons around their cords or chains. If you need professional help, you can contact companies such as Authentic Provence.

Doors and Windows

The various entry points in your living room can be decorated as well to add to the Christmas ambiance. You can use garlands with bells, balls, and even lights to frame any window and entryway visible from the living area. On the front door, you can also hang a simple sign saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” for good measure. Remember to place mistletoe in the entryways leading to the other parts of your house.

Ceiling, Walls, and Floor

Finally, don’t leave your living room’s ceiling, walls, and floor bare. For example, if there’s a dead corner in the room, string some decorative snowflakes, stars, or balls and hang them from the area’s ceiling. On the walls, you can put up some wreaths that match the garlands around the room or stockings of different colors and sizes. Additionally, your living room floor can become more festive with some holiday-themed mats and rugs.

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So this early, you should already plan how you’ll decorate your living room for the season. This way, you’ll also start getting into the holiday spirit.