How Many Times Does The Average Brit Move?

MovingAccording to statistics, the average Brit will move out eight times over a lifetime. Most do not end up too far from where they started, eventually living in a house not more than 70 miles away from their birthplace, but everybody leaves.

More than 2,000 British homeowners were polled for the report and the results suggest people will travel an average of 32 miles during each move, while staying true to their local area. Only one in five people end up living 200 miles or more away from where their first house was located.

You Are Where You Live

The home is an extension of the individual’s identity. This is why people groom their yard, paint their patio and hang picture frames in their foyer. Not only does it lend the space personality, it’s also a means of leaving a mark to the space, as if saying, This is also me.

Conversely, this is also why people have a hard time leaving. This is why people feel regretful or sad when they pack boxes for moving houses. This is why people take a long time to find a new place, because despite leaving a home behind, people hope the next one is better or more desirable.

So Why Do People Move?

There are different motivations. One of the most common reasons for people moving houses is to get away from their parents, while about a quarter move to go to university or pursue a job opportunity, and 34% move in with their partners.

A select few move in search of a better home, cheaper housing or due to foreclosure or eviction. Moving house is a huge life change. Some people find it daunting, some like the excitement that comes with changing environment and people.

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As postal codes and addresses are considered an extension to the identity of an individual, it’s essential where you live speaks who you are. You might not be where it is at the moment, but you have all the time you need to find it. Or perhaps you’re right where you should be.