How Chefs Take Care of their Knives

Set of kitchen knivesKnives are the most precious tools for every chef. That is why they give so much care for them like their real partner in life. Many of us love cooking at home, but we only know few ways to maintain our knives. One is to wash it. Two is to dry it. Well, there may be millions of chefs all over the world, but all of them teach the same methods in caring for your precious knives.

Sharpen them regularly

If you can sharp them every after use, it would be better. You can buy a stone sharpener, which is still effective for many dads; or get an electric sharpener for a finer and faster knife sharpening. This innovative knife sharpening tool is very useful for many butchers and chefs in Australia and New Zealand, as it eases their jobs.  If they trust it, you don’t have a reason to doubt its durability. Just make sure you get from the experts who know what knives and sharpeners match for you.

Test its sharpness

Your knives in the drawer can still cut, but probably most of them are dull. Dull knives are more dangerous than a sharp knife. When your skin is cut with it, the wound doesn’t heal fast unlike getting cut from sharp knives. So after sharpening your knife, test its sharpness. You can slide it through your arm hair, paper, or on apples. If they cut smoothly, fast, and without extra force, then your knife is ready for the next meal.

Knives hate hot water

Never ever soak knives in hot water. We might think water sterilises it, but actually, it damages its sharpness. It is ok to wash it with your tap water and use your hand gently. This is enough to make your knife happy.

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Keep it dry

Knives, when exposed to water and moist, will develop rusts even though they are made of stainless steel. It is unavoidable to wash the knives after use since it has been a regular chore in our kitchen. There are many ways to avoid or get rid of the rust, but keeping them dry every after use, is the best solution.

Many times, we overlook these useful ways in caring for our knives. When it doesn’t ease our cooking preparation, we blame our knives. But if you care for it, it will do the same thing. Now, you know the reasons why chefs don’t throw their precious knives even though it cuts them every single day.