Home Privacy and Technology: Enemies or Allies?

Home Privacy and TechnologyPrivacy equals security, but is it still true today? In the digital age, everything is a property of the public domain. All Internet posts belong to the web, and as such, everyone who is online is privy to them. It is virtually impossible to keep things to one ’s self, given the many eyes, ears and social media accounts, all keeping track of each activity.

As co-owners and authors of the web, people determine what they keep private and feed the public. But, the walls of cyberspace are transparent, and they can be an entryway to personal spaces as well. Social platforms have become tools for stalking and home invasion. In a world that’s almost entirely for public consumption, can we still rely on the privacy of our homes?

Home Protections and Technology

Technology is both a friend and an enemy of privacy. Manufacturers are able to develop security tools because of it. On the electronic side, alarm systems that work with smartphones are already available. Wherever they are, homeowners can see activities in and around their homes with surveillance apps. On the material side, privacy window films, secuity doors and blinds are becoming widely adopted in many parts of the world.

All these are able to support security. The digital meets the electronic and material aspects to protect the personal space. But, what protects the home may also put it in danger. The Internet of Things enables common everyday items to connect to the web. It is prone to exploitation because it contains important information about the owners of the items. Through them, others may be able to track where they live or what their bank account numbers are.

With the use of gadgets, garage doors and locks are easy to open. Using harder materials for doors and windows may shield the home to a certain extent. But, when someone hacks the digital system, how will it  be able to keep the place safe?

Friends and Foes

No one can just get inside someone’s home without his permission. But, everyone can browse the Internet anytime. One may have privacy in the home and not be secure in the Internet. Technology is easy to utilise and abuse. When it will progress in the future, it will still be an ally and enemy of privacy. And it will stay that way until we decide which we really want it to be.