Home Improvement: What Makes the Ideal Plantation Shutters?

Plantation Shutters in PerthOne of the most attractive yet functional options for window treatments is plantation shutters. While there are many window treatments out there, choosing this material offers you many other benefits apart from improving the aesthetic of your home. Whether you’re planning to remodel or do an entire home renovation, it’s best to know what materials will suit your window. If you feel clueless, consulting a professional company may likewise help since they give expert advice.

What Material Should You Choose?

The common materials used to manufacture plantation shutters in Perth and other parts of WA are basswood, vinyl, maple, poplar and other varieties of hardwood. Each material comes with different pricing and quality options.

If you’re torn between vinyl and wood, however, here’s a short guide to help you make a decision:

  • Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Some of the most affordable interior shutters are made of vinyl. This material may not give you a natural look, but they are synthetic and does not need any kind of finish. Some they that they’re a good addition at home for the budget-friendly, while others say that it doesn’t increase the value of your home. These are available in different colors and designs, so it’s up to you to go for this material.

  • Wood Plantation Shutters

The most common types of wood shutters are made of poplar and basswood. Many consider them as hardwood, but they are lightweight and soft compared to oak and maple. Basswood can be stained or painted, but you have to paint polar, as its color is not uniform. Basswood and poplar are susceptible to dings and dents. The most durable alternatives are shutters from dense hardwood, such as maple, oak or walnut. They are available in custom designs to suit any décor, and you can stain or paint them.

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Choose the material for your plantation shutters depending upon your requirement and budget. If you want something affordable, then vinyl should be fine. But if you want something durable, beautiful and valuable, then wooden shutters are meant for you.