High Luxury Hotel Inspirations for Your Hotel Décor

HotelHotels interiors and exteriors need to be appealing to the customer’s eye. You can achieve this appeal by using simple decorations around the hotel. Here are some of the decorations you can use:

A chandelier

Chandeliers are a common decoration to hotel room decoration since time immemorial. These decorations add colour and classic elegance to the ceiling of the hotel, making it more appealing to look at. Chandeliers also serve as a focal point of the rooms; these are ideal for lobbies and lounges.

A statement piece of art

Artwork is necessary when it comes to the décor of a hotel. It is important to ensure that you have the right piece of artwork that can blend well with the rest of the space. You can choose artwork recommended by hotel fit out contractors. This will ensure perfect placement of the artwork.

A carpet

Carpets are necessary for both comfort and style. Always choose the right carpet colour and decide on a standard material or fabric. This way, the colour scheme will match throughout the hotel. As Hotel Interiors suggests, keep the carpets clean; a dirty carpet is a red flag for most customers. Moreover, this reflects how well you conduct regular maintenance at the hotel.

Green features

Green features can be in the form of large windows to allow adequate lighting inside the space. It can also be in the form of natural building materials and recycle bins. You can also include some plants within the hotel as part of the green features. This not only encourages recycling and care for the environment, but also expresses love for nature.

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Local art

Art that expresses the common things going on in the community is highly appreciated as décor. This can be art done by a local artist to boost talent in the area. You can also go for complicated pieces of art to show the different painting styles of the local talent.

High-end features don’t always mean major renovations. With the right additions, you can transform your hotel into a true haven for holidaymakers.