Having a Victorian Touch: Tips in Decorating your Living Room

a well-designed living roomGoing back to your history lessons, Victorian era is the period where Queen Victoria ruled Britain. While this era is known for political and social changes, it is also known for its lasting art. Art and creativity during the Victorian era are so exquisite that it is still used and appreciated at present.

Do you want to be transported back in time as well? Having that antique fireplace surround – which you can get from firms such as Authentic Provence by the way – will help give your living room a Victorian-era atmosphere.

Here are some of the things you can add to transform your living room back to the 19th century.


People characterize the Victorian era with strong colors and dark shades. Using red, burgundy, blue and yellow for your walls can provide additional ambiance to your living room.


This is the most important thing every Victorian era inspired living room should have. Antique shops are great sources for having such finds. Wood is a huge part of the Victorian-era furniture, so is heavy fabric. Lavish fabrics can be placed anywhere in the room, from the seats, and as wallpapers.


Patterned tiles, heavily patterned, in fact, are used in Victorian-era floors. However, it is important to note that your flooring should complement that of your walls and windows to execute the whole vibe properly.


Victorian-era windows use lush and ornate fabrics like velvet and silk. To complement the walls and the flooring, you can use rich colors. Therefore, ditching your blinds and curtains is in order.

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Do not forget to include accessories like chandeliers, paintings, vases and floral arrangements, and pillowcases. Investing in display cases is also a way to add a Victorian touch to your living room.

Who says having your dream living room is impossible to achieve? Ample research and a trip to the store and antique shop can easily make your dream a reality.