Guide to Removing Snow from Your Roof

Roof Snow Removal in MinneapolisWinter storms can take a toll on your house, especially on the roofing system. Big snowfall doesn’t just give you some serious cleaning to do. They can also give your roof intense pressure due to the piling up of snow.

There have been recent reports of house roofs collapsing due to excessive snow brought by the recent massive winter storm. This event perhaps made you ask yourself, can your roof really handle huge amount of snow pouring over the days? Or maybe the better question here would be how much snow is considered too much for your roof?

Here are some helpful tips and bits of information for you.

Estimate how much it can handle

A normal roof structure should handle 20 lbs. per square foot of snow before they become stressed, according to Of course, it’s a different story if your roof has less than perfect condition. There are places in the US where roofs are designed depending on the amount of snow in the region receives. Check with your local building department to know about your roof’s load.

Know when to get a removal service

Companies offering roof snow removal in Minneapolis advise that the weight of the snow, rather than the depth should be the determining factor. Dry snow is much lighter than wet snow. To know when to call removal service, test the snow on your roof by getting a few shovelfuls. If it’s wet and it’s significantly heavy, it’s most likely time to get help.

Remove snow to prevent piling up

It helps if you remove the snow on your roof whenever you can. This way, you can avoid build-up that can cause pressure to the structure. Make sure, though, that you can safely access your roofing and effectively reduce the snow without exposing yourself to danger in the middle of a storm.

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Always seek the help of a removal service when things go out of control. It’s always better to leave the job to the pros.