Great Landscaping Suggestions for Your New Home and Lot

New Home in Salt Lake CityBuying a new home means that you get to choose how your new house would look, along with your yard and gardens. This also means that you can change your landscape according to your personal tastes. Here are a few suggestions that won’t cost you too much but would definitely make a difference.

Tree Transplanting – Trees add value to your home, but not if they obscure your view or the view of your house’s exterior. Replant the larger and older trees around the edges of your yard. Do plant smaller trees near your windows so they can provide natural shade and a cooler atmosphere for your interiors. Take note of the actual trees that are planted on your property and see which ones you can leave as part of your new home’s landscaping motif.

Gardens – A garden, whether ornamental or practical, is a good way to add sights and scents to your new Salt Lake City home. You can choose to have floral gardens in front and a vegetable or herbal garden at the back. Take note of the kind of soil that’s available on your new home’s property along with the other lots in the community. This will make it easier to find out what flowers, vegetables and herbs would be best for your new house and lot.

Sand and Stone – If you feel like the Western gardens and hedges aren’t exactly your idea of a beautiful landscape, why not try the more Eastern approach? Zen gardens that are mostly minimalist in their use of sand, rocks, grass and fountains are quite affordable, easy to maintain yet quite elegant. Unique rocks, stones, and boulders are perfect for their stark shapes and sizes and can be used for your garden’s main theme.

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Whether you intend to make your yards look unique or part of the neighborhood’s common design theme, landscaping always requires careful planning. Find inspiration online and search for experts that can help you enhance your ideas. In the end, try to look for middle ground on what you believe is beautiful and what you can afford.