Gone For Work or Play? Here’s How You Can Secure Your Home

Thief breaking into houseProofing your home from potential burglars is crucial. It means protection for your valuables like jewellery, gadgets, appliances, money, cars and even personal information. It can also protect yourself and your family from criminals who can be violent when desperate.

In 2017, there were 115,809 recorded cases of unlawful entry with intent in residential properties in Australia. In each case, personal effects were stolen. Prevent this from happening by installing gadgets that deter burglars and help you monitor your home while you are away.

Remote-Controlled Automatic Gates

A gate does not only mark your space, but it also makes it harder for burglars to penetrate your home. You can install gates that can be locked with deadbolts or padlocks. However, these manual locks can be jimmied by criminals; so, for a more secure option, go for automatic, remote-controlled gates.

These can be swing gates or sliding gates. Remote openers for these automatic gates should then be left with a trusted friend or relative when you travel. Or, you can bring the remote with you.

You can also choose to disconnect your automatic gate and garage door, so they cannot be hacked by motivated and technologically smart criminals. Install a gate that cannot be opened with universal remote controls. In addition, don’t make a habit of hiding a spare key on your property because burglars may find it.

Exterior Lighting and Monitoring System

Burglars are easily deterred by lights. When you install a motion sensor activated light, burglars attempting to break in can be caught in the spotlight. The sudden flash of light can, in turn, alert your neighbours and urge them to call the authorities.

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You should also consider investing in a home monitoring system that can be connected to your mobile devices. The system should be able to video-record, 24/7, so if anything suspicious happens inside your property, you can immediately notify the authorities or your neighbours.

Usually, burglars attack in the cloak of night or when a home looks empty. If you frequently travel and leave your home unattended, your property is at high risk for burglary. Take advantage of technology to improve your home security.