Four Stair Lift Problems You Need to Know

Stair liftInstalling a stair lift in your home can make life easier for a family member or visitor with a mobility problem. Besides, it improves the economic value of your home, especially if you would like to put up the property for sale. Learn about four important problems of stair lifts below.

Power supply

A stair lift, such as Acorn Stair Lifts in Denver, operates by electric power. Sometimes, the problem might be as simple as a switched off power outlet. In some cases, the circuit breaker may be the source of the problem. The outlet should be on at all times. If it is on but the problem persists, call an expert for further examination.

Key switch

In several instances, the key switch might be off accidentally, making the equipment to stall. It is always advisable to check the location of the key switch, which can be on the side of the chassis, on the armrest of the chair, or on the front lower cover. If the problem is beyond your knowledge, call a professional.

The disconnect switch

This is the main shut-off point for the equipment. The location of the switch varies with the manufacturer. Sometimes, locating the switch can be difficult depending on the position. The location varies according to the manufacturer. For example, in some models, the switch is on the front panel while in others, it is near the diagnostic display.

The error codes

Each stair lift comes with error codes or a diagnostic display. These help you identify problems as they arise. It is always advisable to read the owner’s manual to understand the codes and the problems they denote. Some errors can be simple while other issues may require the intervention of a professional.

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Finally, always involve a professional to install your equipment according to prevailing laws and regulations of your state.