Four Rules for Maintaining Your Drainage System

clogged drainRelentless rains can affect even a well-managed drainage system. Most homes encounter issues with water movement in and around the house. That is why it is important to know how to maintain or even repair your drainage to prevent any further problems. But where do you start?

Proper garbage disposal

Cleaning your garbage disposal once a month will make sure that there will not be any trash that will be stuck in your drainage when it rains. You can use a disposer brush to clean it or even a few cups of ice cubes with a few pinch of table salt. It will help you cut the grease and clean the slime off the sides as well.

Use a drain cleaner

You can use several bacteriological drain cleaners for your home. You just have to pour the solution to the drain and leave it for 30 minutes to make sure that everything is dissolved. Then, wash it down with steaming hot water to flush any stuck dirt from the pipes. You may do it every few months to prevent any blockage.

Use boiling water weekly

One of the best and probably the easiest way to keep your drainage well managed is to pour it out with hot water at least once a week. The heat from the water dissolves any oil formed on the drain, which often clogs down the pipes.

Look if there’s any sign of trouble

You have to inspect your property from time to time to see if there are any telling signs of a major drainage problem. You may want to look out for any leaks or wet patches around your property.

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Keeping debris out of your drains is the first step to avoid any mishap later. Make sure that the basin traps are always clean and keep it a habit to do some maintenance check from time to time.