Fire Damage Clean-Up: Steps You Need to Take

Fire damage clean upA commercial or residential fire incident can give your property smoke damage, soot damage and fire damage. To ensure that you recover as much as you can from your property, you should contact fire damage restoration services in Salt Lake City. Here are some steps you can do to minimize fire damage.

Boarding up the property

During a fire, it is likely for all the doors and windows to be affected. Additionally, the firefighter may have broken through walls, roofs, and windows. You may need to board up your property extensively; the restoration services have to evaluate the structural integrity of the building, its foundation, and the remaining areas. This way, you could prevent future incidences of collapse and trespassing.

Fire clean up

This step involves cleaning up the wet areas and removing weakened structures due to water pressure. If you don’t do this, this could lead to mold and mildew growth, which could cause further damage.

The clean-up services will also eliminate the smell of smoke. They will use a current air mover, water extractor and a dehumidifier to achieve desirable results.

Soot and smoke clean up

The clean-up services might ask a list of personal belongings that can be rescued from the fire.  The clean-up services will work to reverse both the soot and smoke damage in your property.

Besides full residential cleaning, other methods such as steam injection and deep vacuuming can be used to remove oily soot that gives off residual smoke smell. You should discuss with the clean-up services what equipment and process they will use to achieve the level of restoration that you want.

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Fire clean-up is a daunting task for anyone whose property, whether commercial or residential, needs to be restored after a fire.  But a fire clean-up specialist will guide you towards minimizing fire damage without compromising the integrity of your property.