Fast, Accurate, and Practical Stonecutting Using CNC Tools

Stone Cutting ToolsWhat Are CNC Tools?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is the automated process of converting Computer-Aided Design drawings into numbers that can be interpreted as coordinates in a three-dimensional (i.e., x,y,z) graph. These numbers, in turn, serve as input to computer-controlled machines called CNC tools that transform (e.g., through cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.) hard materials such as rocks and stones into the physical form of the design. In other words, these tools turn imagination into reality.

Stonecutting Made Better

Stonecutting (also called stone masonry) used to be a job that could only be mostly done by highly-skilled artisans with years or even decades of experience in various aspects of the craft, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the various types of stones, including what can be used or not used for a particular product or building.

Because this was mostly manual work, mistakes were quite easy to make, which would require either repair work at best or starting all over again from scratch at the very worst (In this scenario, materials are also wasted). Because of the high costs of this manual activity, the resulting products also turn out to be very expensive and take a long time to produce.

With the advent of cheaper yet much more powerful computers and CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology, however, the ability to automate most of the manual tasks involved in stonecutting is within easy reach. There is virtually no manual labour involved in this process because machines do all the actual production work. Human involvement is mainly focused on the design of the product, sourcing of the stones to be used, and production set-up.

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This is of great benefit to businesses involved in this industry because they can provide products that are quick to produce (thereby shortening delivery time), very accurate, and with minimal material. Quick mass production is also easy to commit to.