Factors That Determine Your Ideal Mattress Firmness

A woman laying on multiple mattressesA comfortable sleep primarily depends on proper spinal alignment. If you sleep on a mattress that does not naturally align your spine, you might wake up feeling tired and with body pains. It is important that your mattress’ firmness level supports your natural spine curvature.

When looking for shops offering a mattress sale in Salt Lake City, you will come across soft, medium, and hard types of mattresses. Choosing the right firmness gives your body adequate support with a proper distribution of your body weight.

Here are the factors that determine the ideal mattress firmness for you:

Sleeping Position

Your favorite sleeping position determines the total pressure you exert on specific parts of your body. If you are a side sleeper, get a soft mattress to adapt to the pressure exerted by your hips and shoulders. Stomach sleepers will be comfortable with a medium firm mattress to support their pelvis and hips. Those that sleep on their back have evenly spread pressure points. Soft, medium-firm, and firm mattresses are all perfect for them.

Body Weight

The heavier your weight for every square inch, the more force you exert on all your pressure points when laying down. Soft and medium-firm mattresses are ideal for those with below average BMI. Those with average BMI should get medium-firm mattresses and above average ones will be more comfortable on firm mattresses.


Your gender affects your pressure points. Females typically have more weight around their mid-section; therefore, a medium-firm mattress is ideal to cushion their back and joints. Males can opt for soft and medium-firm mattresses to conform to their pressure points.

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If you have a sleeping partner, the two of you might need different mattress’ firmness levels. Do not compromise on your comfort; get a level that works for both of you.

Firmness levels of 1-3 indicate soft mattresses while 4-6 are medium firm mattresses. Firm mattresses typically have a 7-10 rating. Go find the right mattress to ensure a restful sleep and optimum spine health.