Exotic Amphibians: The Dumpy Tree Frog

tree-frogAnimal lovers looking for a more exotic kind of pet usually turn to amphibians, and none could be more famous than the White’s Tree Frog. Affectionately known as the ‘Dumpy’ Tree Frog, these inquisitive amphibians make great pets for beginners.

Caring for them is relatively easy if you compare them to other frog species in the pet trade. But, there are some things you should be careful about when you’re caring for this extremely popular amphibian.

The Ideal Habitat

Creating a living space for your Dumpy Tree Frog has become easier, as most pet supply stores have extensive equipment for a range of different animals. Glass terrarium, preferably with a canopy, makes an ideal home for your frog as it provides ample ‘breathing’ space for the animal.

The kind of substrate you should be filling your aquarium with differs for each frog. Since Dumpy Tree Frogs spend most of their time on trees, the environment should have soft mulch or sand, as well branches where they can hang out and cool down. Pebbles and peat moss are also ideal, as these imitate their natural habitat.

Frogs require water to survive, but they aren’t fully aquatic. Make sure to have ample water in the tank; a medium-sized water dish is ideal, but if your frog gets bigger, you may need a bigger bowl.

Finally, there should be some form of climate regulation and filters to keep your frog’s home habitable. If you have more than one dish of water in the tank, a water filter is necessary to clean the dirt and microbes that may harm your pet. You should also keep a thermometer and hygrometer to measure the humidity in your tank. Dumpy Tree Frogs can survive well in drier conditions, but their habitat should still be moist enough. Installing a mist maker in drier and warmer parts of its habitat will help cool your amphibian down.

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tree frogFood for the Frogs

Despite their rather aloof and somewhat sweet appearance, Dumpy Tree Frogs are voracious eaters. When they’re small, you should feed them regularly with crickets, mealworms, and other small insects. This species of frogs tend to get on the chubbier side when they grow, and if you see folds and flaps of skin over their eyes, it means you may have been overfeeding them.

Once they get bigger, you may want to upgrade their food to pinkies. If you don’t like the idea of feeding baby mice to your voracious amphibian, larger crickets and similar insects will do.

Lastly, it isn’t a good idea to share its habitat with other frog species. Dumpy Tree Frogs, like all other frogs, have no qualms about eating anything that moves, especially if they can fit in their mouths. You can only keep them with other frogs when they’re small. Otherwise, it may see other frogs as food.

Dumpy Tree Frogs make excellent exotic pets that are great for beginners. Feed them regularly and keep their aquarium clean, so they’ll stay healthy.