Effective Eco-Friendly Measures on Pest Control

Eco-Friendly Pest ControlPests are known to be annoying creatures, and they can even spread contagious diseases to you and your family. This being the case, there is a need to look for different methods to keep them off. Here are some hacks that might help you:

See the Importance of Cleanliness

Yes Pest Pros, Inc. noted that cleanliness is an important step to keep pests away. Make sure that the kitchen is spotless as possible. The garbage cans should have a cover or any kind of lid and likewise well aligned with other plastic bags of trash. If possible, always wash the garbage cans after emptying them. By doing so, you can decrease the chances of pest survival.

Seal the Entryways of Your Property

By sealing the entryway of your property, you can lock out pests. Place screens in strategic positions, like in front of cooling vents, to block any hole. Use silicone caulk to seal crevices and cracks in cupboards, baseboard as well as sinks, pipes, and electrical outlets. Bushes and other debris should be away from the house, as pests often use them to climb into the house.

Use Parasitic Nematodes

These beneficial nematodes are different from insect-parasitic nematodes, which destroys crops. These nematodes release bacteria once they are inside a pest, killing it within a day or two. This method works best when mixed with water. If the pest is on the plant, you can simply spray the plant to get them off. This method helps reduce threat by killing the host.

It’s best to know that most pests thrive best in a moist environment. Drain stagnant water around the house and avoid drying items inside the house to keep the humid condition away from your home. If you think you can’t handle the job alone, then hiring a professional is acceptable.

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