Dog Urine on Lawn: Repair and Minimize the Damage

Lawn Expert in UtahDog urine may have some components found in fertilizer, but it can still damage the grass. This is especially true if an excessive amount of urine is concentrated on the same area. The damage is similar to over-application of fertilizer on one spot, which is too much for the plant to handle. This results in burning of the roots and death of the grass.

Both male and female dogs can cause dead spots in the lawn. Some of these may recover over time, but overly damaged areas may require reseeding or sodding. It important to note the excessive damage is likely in dehydrated grass and soil with low moisture levels. If you have dogs roaming in your lawn, here’s how you can minimize damage.

Water the Area

Minimize serious damage on the grass by watering the area where your dog has peed. Water helps disperse the salt and decrease visible damage. You might also want to give enough water for your pets to dilute the urine, which will reduce possible turf damage or injury.

Keep Dogs Off Limits

Utah lawn care experts note that urine damage is less likely if you keep dogs out of the lawn. It is also a good idea to train pets in using a non-grass area in the yard, like a spot covered with mulch or gravel. Be sure to pick a sport where urine damage can be tolerated or will not become a major issue.

Maintain the Grass

Proper lawn maintenance practices also reduce urine damage on turf. These may involve the cutting of the turf high enough to make the grass easily recover from damage. A responsible fertilizer program is also beneficial to keep the damaged area from having significant grass color changes.

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Don’t let dog urine dull your lawn and kill the grass. Keep these tips in mind to minimize potential damage. If urine damage is too big to handle, better call professionals. Lawn care professionals can reseed or sod your space to make it look green and healthy again.