Do You Have a Home Project? Waterproof Your Basement for Longer Service

Basement RepairDo you have an upcoming home project and are looking to save every penny in your hand? Most likely, your building contractor has suggested you get a crawl space in place of a basement in your move to remain within your budget. While it will save you money, is it a good long-term decision?

Crawl Space or Basement?

A crawl space is cheap to install, but the investment you can place in building a basement instead will guarantee you dividends in the life of your house. What would you choose between saving up now or storing up useful future investments? I bet you would go with the latter.

A basement is a less expensive space you can use as a living option in your house. To prevent occasional flooding and ensuring that your basement is dry at all times, waterproofing your basement during construction is important, says Waterproofing Direct. Occasionally, you may get damp proofing instead of waterproofing. Knowing the difference will ensure you get the right product.


Damp-proofing products are either tar- or asphalt-based compounds and require spraying of one or two layers to block water vapor. While these products may protect your foundation, they only do so as long as your foundation remains intact throughout. This is because they products become brittle after they dry and cannot bridge the cracks regardless of the choice of your tile adhesives in Australia. Additionally, groundwater can dissolve these compounds over time.


Waterproofing compounds are available as modified asphalts, and rubber- and clay- based products. They also come in sheets and can still be sprayed on the foundation walls. When water builds up against your foundation, waterproofing compounds are elastic and can resist the hydrostatic head keeping your basement dry at all times.

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It is important that you check the local code requirements with your building department before embarking on waterproofing your basement. In Australia, this will keep you in check about the use and safety of products such as tile adhesive and ensure you do the right thing the right way.