Designing an Energy-Efficient Building — Some Things to Consider

A modern house's interior designWhen you are designing a home, there are several rooms to consider, and perhaps a couple of staircases when the plan permits for you to build up. When you are designing a building, however, there are several floors to think about. Plus, each of them is the size of an apartment. That means plenty of places that could result in inefficiency if you do not design the building properly. Here are elements to consider when planning for construction.


You can go for the more aesthetically pleasing metal staircase with its sleek and modern design, but it adds to the temperature if the place is warm enough. On the other hand, wooden steps do not conduct heat, in NZ especially. This means it will remain cool and will not give occupants of the building the additional hassle of having to turn their air conditioning up.


The height of the ceiling matters at home. It also matters in a building. When designing, consider the use of the space and how much ventilation will keep everything comfortable for the inhabitants. Ceiling height that is too low may result in accumulated humidity. No one will complain about a high ceiling, of course, except perhaps those who are paying for the construction because of the materials that they would need to use to accommodate such height. Find a suitable height that will ensure comfort without letting the project go over budget.


Doors could also comprise glass, but in New Zealand, you should consider adding treatments. This is especially important when the entryways are facing direct sunlight, which will filter into the room and accumulate heat inside. You will also benefit from curtains and blinds to compensate for the glass. Another option, of course, is to choose more solid materials that will not let the sunlight pass through, such as wooden double doors.

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An energy efficient building is what tenants want these days, and for a good reason. Support should go to those whose effort means saving the earth and the people living in it.