Design Options Available For Patio Covers

a beautiful covered patioPatios come with various benefits. They increase your property’s value and appeal, provide an outdoor shade from harsh weather elements and protect your outdoor furniture. The primary factor affecting the look and operation of your patio on your Sunshine Coast property is its cover.

The cover must complement your property’s décor and seamlessly flow with your property’s architecture. Here are some of your options:


This is a freestanding structure built over your patio with overhead crossbeams that allow sunlight to stream into your patio. A pergola also features vertical support posts on which climbing plants can entwine and grow to create attractive blooms to adorn your patio. The pergola can be made of fibreglass, metal, wood or vinyl and has a European-inspired timeless look.

Closed Roof

This option is generally used for patios attached to properties. A closed roof is made of wooden beams and can be covered using shingles that match your building’s roof. The support posts of a closed patio roof are made of wood or vinyl or a mixture of masonry and wood. This creates a strong structure with a rustic look that offers exceptional protection from weather elements. The beams of a closed roof are bare for anchoring overhead fans and lighting.


This option resembles a tent and comprises a large fabric draped over your patio’s frame structure. A canopy is woven using weather-resistant and durable materials that come in different colours to match all exteriors. It is inexpensive and looks airy and light but cannot allow installation of lights and fans as it is weak.

The installation of patio covers is better left in the hands of experts. Professional installation ensures a sturdy and tough structure that will effectively serve its uses. Make sure to contact a reliable service provider for your next patio project.

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