Common Water Heater Problems

a plumber checking the water heaterWater heater installation alone is very costly. Maintaining it is vital to ensure it does not get faulty over avoidable issues. Experts in water heater repair in Orem offers all services that concern these machines. Here are some problems to look out for that will tell you that the system needs repair or replacement.

Leaking tank

In most cases, two tanks connect to the heater. Should either or both of them leak, replace the faulty tank entirely. The tanks have a cold water inlet, a valve, and a hot water outlet. Keeping an eye on these would reduce the risks of a leak. Should you discover moisture around the heater or tanks, that is also a sign of leakage. Check other fittings before replacing the tank.

Rusty water

If you notice rust in your water, this is a glaring sign that not all is well. Either the piping system or the heater itself is on its last legs. If the issue is in the pipes, the water becomes clean gradually when it is allowed to run for some time. If the situation does not improve, get a technician to fix this.


As you use the water heater, some sediment will build up and intensify with time. They then harden up whenever heating takes place. They eventually produce an unusual noise, signaling that the heater is almost at its climax. This damage lowers the efficiency of the structure and utilizes more heating energy. If you do not attend to this problem at this point, be ready to experience more damages.

All machines experience wear and tear. Carry out timely maintenance to appreciate their effort in making work more bearable. These regular checks ensure the device’s longer functional life. It also helps to discover damages before they are fully manifested and curb them early enough.

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