Coastal Living: Window Treatment Ideas to Maximise Function and the View

Beach HomesIf you live near the ocean, you would want to capture and maximise the view from your little slice of heaven. Every window in the house should have a great view of the great outdoors.

Naturally, you would want to celebrate every view by having tall and wide windows that are unencumbered by treatments and accessories. You want the view to be the focal point of every room. But, having a little privacy is important as well, especially if your house sits on a public beach.

What Are Window Treatments For?

Window treatments, such as curtains, blinds, shades or awnings serve more important functions than just providing privacy. They help in controlling the light, act as additional insulation, provide protection from UV rays and enhance the visual appeal of any room. Most window treatments are controllable from the inside so you can get the desired effect.

Now if you have large, floor-to-ceiling windows in your beach home and don’t install treatments, you won’t be able to control the light that enters the room and the weather outside can greatly influence your home’s indoor climate. Excessive exposure to sunlight and heat can damage your indoor furniture and decor as well.

Ideal Treatment Options for Beach Homes

To enjoy these benefits and still make the most out of the coastal environment, you only need to choose the perfect treatment for beach homes. There are different varieties and styles to choose from that will suit your beach-living preferences.

Voile or net curtains are perfect for living rooms or any room that connects to an outdoor space, such as a patio. They offer an elegant, less obtrusive solution to let the daylight through but still provide a little privacy. If you want sunlight to flow inside, you can simply draw the curtains and watch them gently blow in the sea breeze.

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For bedroom windows, you can still capture the view and protect your room from UV rays. Plantation shutters offer a practical and stylish option. This type of window treatment is also ideal for rooms that face an access road or an east or west-facing window.

Window treatments not only serve these important functions, they will also keep your home cosy and warm on cold, stormy nights. While it’s nice to not have anything blocking the wonderful view outside, you should also keep these practical aspects in mind.