Choosing Landscape Gardeners in Essex

Landscape Gardeners in EssexKeeping your garden and lawn in pristine condition is a great way to get some exercise and sun. However, it does take some knowledge, skill, and time to do it. If you only have to look at a plant and it dies, or you simply do not have the time to do it regularly, hiring a professional may be a good option. 

Here is a list of what to expect from landscape gardeners in Essex, Oakleigh Manor states.


Many landscape gardeners have some type of formal education in garden design, although this is not a good basis for choosing a landscaper. Some of the best learned the art and skills as an apprentice. When choosing a landscape gardener, ask for references so you can get feedback from their other clients. This is especially important if you expect the landscaper to design and maintain a show garden, Of course, if you only need someone to mow the lawn, you will not need to look for experience.


Landscapers can do more than trim a few bushes and weed a few beds. They can design your garden, lay your lawn or beds, and build decks, patios, fences, and ponds. The price will depend on the job and the size and condition of the garden. You can pay as little as £20 to mow a 20 x 10 metre lawn, and as much as £1,050 to build a 2.4 x 4 metre decked area. In most cases, you can ask for a better rate if you bundle the work and schedule regular service.


When a landscaper takes on a job, it usually means you only have to provide the materials such as sod, seedlings, and stones. The landscaper will provide everything else. When mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges, for example, the job should include getting rid of the rubbish.

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Landscape gardeners are skilled workers you can depend on to keep your lawn and garden looking great. Choosing one depends on your needs, but it is usually a good idea to get an established one in your area.