Bullfrog Spa Technology: The Latest in Hot Tub Design

Bullfrog Spa Technology in UtahBullfrog spas are the latest in hot tub technology, providing homeowners with a rugged spa design that can withstand the elements. The design keeps the Utah weather in mind, as the state is well known for its diverse weather conditions. There are several features that make Bullfrog spas the ideal choice for Utah homeowners:

Durable and Rugged

Bullfrog spas in Utah are durable and rugged, made to withstand both the hot desert sun and the cold winters in its mountain regions. Extreme temperatures can cause water systems to expand and contract, which affects the longevity of the hot tubs.

Bullfrog’s frame technology makes this possible – a durable ABS plastic composite makes up the main body of the spa frame. This kind of material is resistant to exposure from the heat and the cold. The major upside of using plastic is that there is no metal or wood included in the construction of the tub, so it is also resistant to rust and rot.

Environmentally Friendly

Bullfrog spas are energy efficient, consuming just 164 watts an hour. To put this into perspective, the average hot tub consumes about 450 watts per hour. This makes it not only cost-efficient, but also good for the environment. Less power consumed means fewer carbon emissions.

Ergonomic Design

The molds of Bullfrog spas fit the contours of the body. They promote good posture and complete relaxation. Most models fit six adults, and both the backrest and the seats curve to accommodate everyone equally. Standard hot tubs are more cramped in the corners, but Bullfrog improves on this dated design.

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Highly Customizable

Jet stream systems and styles are highly customizable. Bullfrog’s “JetPak” technology allows the hot tub user to slide out the jet stream valves and to replace them with a different configuration. Since it does not use any pipes, it provides more customizability for consumers. The position of the pipes limited old hot tub water systems, but with Bullfrog, their “JetPak” can easily redirect the flow of the water. Its customizability is one of Bullfrog’s most attractive features that set it apart from other hot tubs.