Building Checklist: Promoting the Safety and Comfort of Tenants

Newly Built EstablishmentYour new building is near completion and you feel elated at the prospect of finally opening it for your tenants. Before you get too excited, though, make sure that every aspect of your newly built establishment would keep your tenants safe, secure and comfortable. Here’s a helpful checklist that could guide you in making your last minute checkups.

Fire Exits

One of the most important features of a building is the number of fire exits. You may have already entrusted this to your engineer, but it would be best to check them yourself. If the fire exits are up to standard and you see that when emergencies happen, building occupants wouldn’t have a difficult time passing through, then you're good. These exits must be free from blockages, such as boxes and unused office furniture.


To ensure the comfort of your building occupants, see to it that the heating and ventilation are in good condition. As for air-conditioning, make sure that you have settled everything with a specialist. Let them run the unit, so that when your opening day arrives, everything would run smoothly.

Possible Leaks

Take note of the areas where your future tenants will mostly use water, or areas with high exposure to water. Make sure that these areas are free from possible water leaks and penetration. Seek help from companies that specialise in waterproofing in Australia, so you can have peace of mind.

Security Personnel

Don’t forget to assign security personnel within the vicinity, especially if you have tenants whose businesses involve huge cash turnovers. Having security people around can help deter a host of crimes. They provide tenants with a safe environment and prevent violence, as well.

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This checklist may be short, but if you get to solve them before opening, your tenants will have the comfort and security that they need. Check the fire exits, ventilation, waterproofing, and hire security. These are all essential in making your opening—and the continuous operation of your business—a success.