Breaking the Break-ins: Preventive Measures to Secure Office Spaces

CCTV in office buildingAn office space holds a lot of the company’s invaluable equipment, information, and assets. Thus, it is vital for businesses to safeguard their workplaces, to the best of their abilities. Over the years, however, commercial properties have experienced a large number of property crimes.

The 2016 Crime in the United States report showed a sum of more than 22,000 burglaries in convenience stores and banks nationwide. Among commercial spaces, banks and retail stores are most at risk.

Business owners can prevent vandalism, arson, break-ins, and trespassing by addressing the weak points in their commercial space and adding extra layers of security.

Exterior Protection

One effective way to secure the office’s perimeter is by installing an industrial aluminum fence. The aluminum material is corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance, and provides durable fencing. The office’s parking area should also be secured with a car park barrier, surveillance cameras, and appropriate lighting. Additionally, security personnel making rounds, 24/7, can lower the risk of commercial property crime.

Information Safekeeping

Apart from physical security, companies should invest in securing their data, as well. In the age of information, companies, especially small businesses, can be vulnerable to cybercrime. It is crucial to protect sensitive company information that includes the company’s financial documents and personal information of employees and clients. This can be done by partnering with companies that provide cybersecurity services.

Monitoring Techniques

Controlling public access to a commercial space can be helpful in decreasing the risk of burglary. Request visitors to present identification cards upon entrance. Similarly, alarm systems and surveillance cameras must be in place to prevent property crimes. These security options are also helpful in identifying suspects in the event of a break-in.

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Security of the commercial space can mean greater security for employees, clients, business assets and information. Naturally, burglars target properties with a weak security system – or worse, no security system at all. A highly visible security system is, in itself, a good preventive measure against break-ins.