Brace Yourself: It’s Spider Season

Exterminator hard at workThis isn’t about a certain man who had an encounter with a radioactive spider. Fortunately, no radioactive spiders have been spotted in Utah just yet. However, this hasn’t stopped other species of the arachnid to haunt people who were excited for their pumpkin spice latte and Halloween costumes this fall.

Bigger Than Ever

Residents of Utah are turning to a spider spray and their phone to call pest control services from Greenside Pest Control because apparently, the spiders this season are bigger than ever. They have seen those spidery long legs hiding under upturned wood blocks in the garden, on ceilings, and even in the basement. One too many residents of Salt Lake City has had to call someone for help, as the general fear of spiders takes Halloween to a whole new level.

In Abundance Too

It’s not just the size that’s got the people in Utah bothered. According to them, spiders are aplenty this fall, with one mother even sharing that she had to get a spider out of her child’s mouth.

Another also reported having a basement full of black widows–one of the most common spiders in Utah. If you know anything about black widows, it’s that they are not something to mess with. Not only are they a menace to their male partners, but they are also a menace to those they might bite.

The Problem Continues

It’s not just the actual spiders that you need to worry about. They lay eggs by the hundreds–just think about all the spiders that can be a future problem in your house. There’ll be a fresh batch of spiders in spring, which means it’s a never ending fight to keep your house free of them. That is, of course, if you keep ignoring pest control and do not address the underlying problem: that there are other pests in your house that spiders thrive on.

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With a great number of spiders comes huge fears. Don’t let spiders win; do something about them soon.