Beyond Soaking: Benefits of a Portable Bathtub

Portable BathtubA quick shower or a full bath is part of one’s personal hygiene. But to a lot of people, it is not enough. What they enjoy most is soaking in water. No wonder, bathtubs nowadays became a necessity in every home.

This is where portable bathtubs come in. If maintained properly, you can enjoy the many benefits it can offer. This article lists down the reasons it’s worth considering buying.

  • A portable bathtub costs less.

The price is affordable and the installation doesn’t cost much. It doesn’t require additional set-up for your plumbing or water system so you save on work cost. Along with that, a portable tub uses less water and small doses of chemicals giving you considerable savings for maintenance.

  • It is easy to use.

Installing it is simple. You don’t need heavy equipment to dig your backyard or ask for building permits. Once installed, you can use it right away. Just attach the drain pipe then remove it when not in use.

  • It occupies a small space.

Aside from being a space-saver, it fits most spaces. You can have it indoor like in your shower room or bath room, or move it in your backyard should you want to use it there.

  • It offers easy storage.

Being portable, you can store your bathtub anywhere you want. You can place it in a corner or a storage room then set it up again when needed. Take note that you can move it easily from one place to another so you can bring it along when you move to your new home.

  • It is multi-purpose.

Apart from bathing, you can also use your tub to wash curtains and for pet bathing. Moreover, soaking doesn’t only make you feel fresh. It can also relax the muscles, lower blood pressure, relieve joint paints, and more.

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With a portable bathtub, anyone can own a tub and enjoy body soaking anytime and anywhere in the comfort and privacy of their home. Just make sure to purchase the unit from a reputable dealer.