Best Home Designs of 2018

Modern Home DesignWe are now halfway through the year, but the home design trends for 2018 is yet to be completed. So before you check out a few houses by Dupuis Properties in Ontario to buy or rent, here are some design trends that you need to try before the year ends.

New splashes of color in your kitchen

Although white is a staple color in most kitchen designs, homeowners are now beginning to become more adventurous by adding new splashes of color in their kitchens. Adding warm wood tones and neutral colors can give your kitchen a warm and unique feel.

Artisan lighting fixtures

Another common theme that is growing popular these days is artisan lighting fixtures. Several designers nowadays are now shifting toward more highly artistic fixtures to create a unique look to a certain space. Using artisan fixtures can help personalize a space and helps shift the home’s aesthetic features between a modern look and natural appeal.

Velvet pieces of furniture

Although velvet seems more traditional and old-fashioned, it somehow exhibits a luxurious yet funky look. In fact, most interior designers believe that velvet decor is one of this year’s sought-after trends. Therefore, include velvet sofas in your interior design.

Shades of Copper

Rose gold was last year’s most popular decor trend. However, this year, copper dominates the entire home aesthetic trends. With its orange and red tones and overall earthy hue, copper is a breath of fresh air in 2018.

Consider these design trends when designing your home. Although these are the latest trends, what matters is your own taste and style. Choose a trend that feels closest to your own style. Always remember that you will be living in the same house for several years. You might as well choose a style that is timeless and reflects your personality.

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