Baby Proofing: Preventing Accidents at Home

Baby Proofing your HomeChildren are naturally curious. As soon as they start learning to crawl and walk, they will touch, taste and play with whatever they get their hands on. It is important that parents and caregivers take no chances in preventing accidents, yet give the child enough freedom to explore on their own.

As children do not know the dangers and the possibility of accidents, it is important that you take measures to keep their home environment safe. Below are the most common accidents at home and how you can prevent them:

Slips and Falls

Young children are innovative and resourceful. Before you know it, they can climb chairs and stairs. If you have stairs at home, then it is best to have an expandable baby gate that keeps them from climbing up or going down the stairs. This will take care of blocking the stairs and keep the play area free from risks.


Most of the time, bathroom cleaners, bleaches, soap, and other liquids are stored under the sink. Children like to explore and once they discover a new object, the first thing they will do is to put objects in their mouths. Keep the cabinets locked or move the supplies to a higher place where your child cannot reach them.

Burns and Scalds

You may have been distracted from cooking because of your friend’s call. In doing so, you also forgot that your child may be roaming around and notice the smoke coming from your pot. This is also a point of interest to the child. Prevent the possibility of reaching the kitchen by keeping your little ones away using an expandable baby gate. This will prevent any burn or scalding accident. 

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Burns and scalding can also happen when children are ready to bathe, especially if you're preparing their hot bath. They will be excited to play in the water. Ensure that you close the door of the bathroom to keep them from going to the water before you are ready to give them the bath.

The key to preventing accidents at home when you have a curious little one is to keep them in a safe environment. This means you have to ensure that the place where they move around does not have anything that may choke, burn or cause injuries.