Avoiding Snow Accidents During Winter

A car driving on a road with snowChristmas is coming and with it, the cold weather. Although beautiful, snow can also be hazardous and causes accidents and injuries every year. That's why it's important to know how to stay safe this season.

Rtdicedamremoval.com shares useful information to help you prioritize safety during winter.

In the winter of 2016, Eastern U.S. was pummeled by a blizzard so fierce it cut off New York and Washington from the rest of civilization, causing power cuts and bringing travelers to a standstill as airports and train stations were closed down. The blizzard claimed 18 lives due to ice on the roads and accidents that occurred while shoveling snow. Minnesota suffered similarly in a snowstorm a few years earlier, which caused hundreds of car accidents on the icy roads.

100 People Die From Shoveling Snow Every Year

Snow removal is so treacherous that 100 people die every year just trying to remove it. The U.S. Nationwide Children's Hospital scientists analyzed medical records and found that of the cardiac deaths recorded, 1,647 were preceded by snow shoveling. This figure is likely to be a gross under-estimation of the true risk because the patient's activity prior to a heart attack is not always recorded in medical notes.

The hazard is present not only for the middle-aged or elderly, but also for younger people. This is due to a combination of physical exertion and cold air. The exertion of removing snow can be a tough workout, like going to the gym and the cold air narrows arteries; therefore, restricting blood flow. The synergistic effect can have deadly consequences.

Tips For Staying Safe This Winter

  1. Dress warmly when working outdoors.
  2. Take a cell phone out so it's easier to call for help in case of an accident.
  3. Put sand down on the driveway to prevent slippage.
  4. When spending long hours outdoors to do snow clearing or home maintenance, bring a family member with you and don't forget the first aid kit.
  5. Snow removal experts can clear snow from rooftops, gutter systems, driveways, and pathways to keep your home safe. For people who are normally sedentary, over the age of 55, or with chronic health conditions, it is safer to hire someone to shovel the snow.
  6. Hire someone to clear gutters and make sure there are no roof leaks.
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Snow looks lovely, but it can pose risks to you and your family's health and safety. Let the professionals take care of the snow on your roof or premises and stay cozy inside your house to avoid the hazards.