Amazing Ideas to Give Modular Houses a Stylish Upgrade

Modular HomeWhen you hear the words “modular houses,” you immediately think of a box-like space that screams “boring” from all corners. That’s in the past. Many of today’s pre-fabricated homes are even more stylish than the ones built from the ground up.

In fact, Manor Homes says more and more people are buying into the idea of getting modular houses, as these modern versions offer a whole array of opportunities to really make it your own.

Here are some design ideas on how to transform pre-fabricated spaces into stylish homes:

  • Build Your Own Front Porch

Yes, you can have your very own front porch and live in that extra living space too. And the best part? You can either go the DIY route, hire professionals and build from the ground up or get pre-fabricated ones. How easy is that?

  • Make That Front Porch Work

Now that you have your own front porch, it’s time to jazz it up. Install a swing. Add some Wicker chairs. Plant some really nice flowers. When it comes to making that front porch your own, your limit depends on your imagination. And when it comes to the budget, that’s what flea markets are for.

  • Add Some Character

Think of modular homes as blank canvases. After all, the majority of them come in white. It’s up to you to add some character and make it your own. Use decorative roofing, add some dormers and paint that door blue or red of whatever colour you choose. The key is to decide on a theme and bring it to life. Remember, a little goes a long way. Unless you’re going for the Alice Through The Looking Glass look, stick to key decorative items that make a huge statement. Just like that red door.

  • Make Your Windows Interesting

There are unlimited ways on how you can spruce up your window. You can go small and add a dainty flower box or go all the way and install a mini pergola. These days, you can even get ready-to-install window shutters. Best of all, you can paint them whichever colour you like. You can even come up with themed window decors that change with the seasons.

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Even with a small budget, you can turn your pre-fabricated house into stylish abode. You just need your imagination, some DIY action and Pinterest for inspiration.