Adult Supervision and Other Pool Safety Tips

Aluminum Pool FenceKeeping a pool safe involves more than adult supervision. While this means having someone that can watch the children around the pool, the responsible adult should know how to swim and closely monitor the kids, avoiding texting or social networking. It is also advisable to follow other pool and water safety tips to prevent child drowning.

Eliminate Access

A pool fence is the best way to keep kids out of the pool. Take note that it should be at least four to five feet tall and meet your local regulations. DIY pool fences are now available, but make sure to choose posts that are not bendable. A mesh pool fence is a great choice, as it completely eliminates the access to the pool. Be sure to add locks or a self-closing gate.

Prevent Fence Climbing

Avoiding hanging towels, especially wet ones on the pool fence. Apart from weighing down the fencing material, it can also cause it to slump over time. This, furthermore, can decrease the fence height, making it less safe. You should also remove climbable objects like chairs and planters near the fence, or make sure that all items that could be used to climb over are out of kids’ reach.

Remove Pool Toys

It is fine to have toys when the pool is in use. You should, however, not leave them in the water, as they can attract children’s attention. Kids may go to the pool and try to get the toy when you’re not around. This makes it important to keep all toys outside the pool or fence area to deter kids from attempting to get near the water.

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Pool fences cannot replace monitored supervision, but they increase your backyard’s safety. It is also important to take other precautions to prevent a tragedy and give you peace of mind. If you closely rely on adult supervision, be sure to hire a sitter that knows how to swim and perform CPR.