A Homeowner’s Guide to Caring for Stone Flooring

Stone flooringStone flooring is an investment. Apart from lending an aesthetically pleasing personality to your home, it has great potential to raise its value if you ever decide to sell.

Stone, like any other type of floor, needs some care. The material may be tough, but negligence can damage good floors. Sometimes, the lack of knowledge in cleaning alone leads to problems that affect the stone’s beauty and longevity. To help you avoid such problems, here are some tips for cleaning your stone flooring.

Do not let it get dirty

Dirt and sand are abrasive and will scratch your floor. A broom or a dust mop can remove dirt and sand without scratching your floor. One of either is usually enough to clean a simple stone floor. For textured flooring, you need a vacuum cleaner. Avoid using the hard bristled bar, though, because it can scratch the surface too.

Use lots of mats and rugs

One way to prevent taking sand with you when you enter the house is to place mats at every door. Area rugs are another options. In some houses, rugs separate sections of the house. To ensure even less dirt and sand make it to your stone flooring, do not allow shoes inside the house. House slippers are there for a reason.

Be careful when you polish

You can hire a professional to polish your stone floor, but if you are the type would rather DIY (do-it-yourself) make sure your polisher pads are the recommended softness for your type of floor. You can find pads for a drill to make your work easier and faster, but try it first on a small and discreet area of your floor.

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Use the recommended polish

It’s not just the pads that polish your floor; you can use a polishing agent. Ask your floor contractor or manufacturer which type is best for your stone flooring to avoid dulling the shine. Good floor polish will protect your floor from abrasives and spills to some degree.

A good stone floor gives the house a cool and classy feel. Take care of your floor and enjoy its beauty for years.