5 Steps You Should Know About Painting

House Painting in MelvilleAs a homeowner, if you are planning home improvement by painting your home, you will find painting contractors who can help you make it a reality. You need to be informed on what this involves so that you will be able to get it done without breaking the bank. So if you possess the skills required and are willing to spend the time and the effort, it can also be a DIY project. Here’s what you need to do before you start painting your house.

In Perth, for example, Barker-Whittle shares the steps that reputable painters do to help you.

1. All the walls and the exterior surfaces of the house need to be cleaned and free from grime. This can be achieved by using a mild detergent, sponge and warm water to scrub down the surfaces and clean them. Wash the walls down thoroughly.

2. Scrape the walls to remove any cracked or flaking paint and use a sander or sandpaper to smooth out the walls to get an even finish.

3. Mask areas of the house like trim, window and door frames with painter’s blue tape. This tape has the advantage that it can be applied even a week before you actually start painting. Remember to peel the tape off, immediately as you finish painting, in order to make sure that you don’t peel any paint off with it and destroy the smooth finish.

4. Apply a coat of primer on the walls that need to be painted. Don’t buy the myth that a wall that has been painted several times doesn’t need a primer. All walls that are to be painted require a primer. You can use more than one coat to get that extra smooth finish.

5. Remove furniture from the room that you’re painting, if it’s possible. This will help you prevent paint splatters and make it easy for you to move around the room. But if the furniture is too heavy, you can use old cloth, blankets or newspaper to cover the furniture properly to prevent soiling.

These are some of the steps you need to take when painting your house. And remember, you can always hire a contractor if it ever feels like too much. even if you are using the services of certified painters in Perth.