4 Warning Signs of Hot Water System Failure

Hot Water System FailureNobody wants a freezing shower. Thus, it is essential that every home has a hot water system. It keeps the water warm for dishes, washing clothes, and showers. Just like any other appliance, however, a water heater is bound to fail one day, especially if it’s old, and usually when you least expect it.

So, how can you avoid this situation? Are there warning signs that you should look out for? To help you avoid cold showers, here are four warning signs that your hot water system is about to fail:

  1. Burn Marks at the Bottom of the Water Heater

 Burn marks are an indicator of improper water heater venting. This problem requires immediate attention and repair, as there is a possibility that exhaust fumes and other dangerous gases are stuck in your house. These marks are not just signs that your water heater is about to fail, but they are also significant warnings of a serious hazard.

  1. Yellow Coloured Flame Underneath the Tank

Pacer Plumbing notes that there must be a blue flame colour underneath the tank whenever the water heater is running. If the flame turns orange or yellow instead of blue, it is a sign that the burner is not functioning properly. If the burner is failing, it is only a matter of time before the whole hot water system fails.

  1. Popping Noise

When you hear a popping noise whenever the hot water is in use, it is a sign that mineral sludges are starting to stress the system. If not attended to immediately, these sludges may cause serious damage to your hot water system.

  1. Noisy Blower

If the blower motor of your water heater is loud and noisy, it means the bearings in the blower are about to fail. The water heater will not work once the blower motor dies, as the hot water system has a fail-safe procedure that stops the whole operation in case of blower motor failure.

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It is beneficial that you are aware of these signs. If you notice any of these occurrences, you can have your hot water system fixed right away to avoid any serious hazard. But more importantly, knowing these signs will prevent you from enduring a chilly shower.