4 Tips to Protect Your House Foundation from Water Damage

House CountructionYou may not see it, but the foundation of a house is its most important part. The foundation plays a big role in making sure that the house stands. This is where the strength of the building lies. Without it, there is a big chance that the house will be toppled down.

This is why water damage to the foundation should be avoided at all costs. Here are four tips that will help you prevent water damage to your home’s foundation:

Install rain gutters

A gutter system is an important feature of any house. One of the benefits it has is that it helps homeowners avoid water damage by redirecting the flow of rainwater away from the house’s base. This way, there will be lesser risk of moisture getting into the foundation. If your home’s gutter system is not in top shape, you should make sure that it is repaired. Look for a rain gutter repair service near you in Utah.

Make sure the ground slopes away from the foundation

Doing this will help in making sure the water does not get into your home. Rainwater will not seep into the ground, as the slope is designed to let it flow away.

Plant your trees and shrubs at least five meters away from the house

Since you water your trees and shrubs, you do not want the excess water to get into your home’s foundation.

Fix the leaks

Leaks are one of the notorious causes of water damage on your home’s foundation. If you do not want to have water damage on this particular part of your house, you need to fix water leaks as soon as possible.

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By avoiding water damage to the foundation, you are ensuring that the house you built will last long. It is also an important step in protecting your investment.