4 Practical Tips to Keep Pests Away from Your Home

Exterminator hard at workKeeping pests and rodents away from your home can save you a lot of losses—financial and otherwise. Bugs pose a threat to not only your property but also your health. Here are some ways you can keep pesky pests away:

Get rid of that trash

Leaving trash in your home is an open invitation to insects and rodents looking for food. Therefore, make sure that you throw away your garbage every day. After this, clean your kitchen floor with soapy water to clear any spills and food particles, which could attract ants and roaches.

Call for pest control services

Even if you think you have no reason to worry, call for pest control services from companies like Sure Shot Pest Control. Let them come, do a regular check-up, and spray for bugs. This will eliminate the ones that were already starting to breed, ensuring that your home is safe and protected. Remember that the cost of eliminating bugs is much higher than these preventative measures.

Seal all the possible entry points

Vents, cracks, and open spaces make a perfect entry point for rodents and insects. Therefore, invest in screens and place them over these openings to keep the bugs away. Also, seal all visible cracks on roof joints, window frames, cabinets, and pipes, as these make the perfect hiding and breeding joints for cockroaches.

Check the way you store your firewood

The holidays are over, and you still have some firewood left. The way you deem best to store them is to stack them against your house as you wait for the next holidays. However, what you don’t know is that you have just given termites and other bugs a free home. Instead, keep the firewood at least five feet away from your house.

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When the bugs are away from your home, it’s not only you who get to have peace but also your property. Some insects like termites can cause severe structural damage. Follow these tips, and your house will be pest-free.