4 Critical Questions You Should Ask When Hiring Tree Loppers

Tree Lopping ServicesCaring for the trees on your property does not always require the expertise of professionals. However, you should leave the big and dangerous jobs on their hands. Tree lopping is one such task that you should not attempt to do on your own.

Before you hire a tree lopper though, make sure you ask these questions first, to ensure you get the best value for your money and your trees’ health.

1. Can you provide me an updated insurance certificate?

This is the most important inquiry you need to make, as you want to make certain the service provider carries an insurance that will free you from any liabilities in the event of injuries, accidents, or property (including the tree) damage.

2. Will you provide me a list of references?

Although tree lopping and other related services do not require the providers to carry licenses, they should still provide their potential clients with a list of recent references. In fact, any reputable company will more than willingly share this with you, as they take pride in their high-quality services, Beaver Tree Services reveals.

3. How much do you charge for lopping services?

You need to get a detailed, written quote from your prospective loppers, since this will provide you a way to compare rates and offers. While you want to best possible quality of service, this does not mean you should work with a company charging the highest price. Do a little digging and comparison.

4. What equipment and approach will you use?

Of course, the type of equipment and approach that the loppers will use will still depend on the size of the project, but they should have everything they need – from equipment to safety gear to adequate manpower.

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Get these questions answered by your prospects and you will find it easier to determine which of them will deliver the best results.