3 Possible Causes of Indoor Allergies

Allergy attacks in Salt Lake City

People with allergies do whatever it takes to avoid anything that triggers their rashes and sniffles. However, some people continue to suffer even after staying out of all allergens. Worse, these people tend to get allergy attacks at home. If this is you, you probably have been neglecting some things that unknowingly send you to a sneeze-fest.

Indoor allergies are no laughing matter. Here are some possible causes you can look into to help relieve you of this unnecessary stress in your life:

Air ducts

If sneezing and hives are so common in your home, despite feeling like you’ve done everything to make it allergy proof, it’s probably your air ducts. Mold and dirt can form and grow in your home’s ducts. The air circulating in your home might be the vehicle of all your suffering. There are companies that do air duct cleaning in Salt Lake City to save you from allergens being spread around your home day in and out.


Have you considered the possibility that you’re allergic to your pet’s fur? If you have furry pets, this is something you need to investigate. If you are, keeping pets out of your bedroom is a good way to mitigate the problem. Then again, even if you are not allergic to pet dander, there’s a good reason to keep them out of your room. They might be bringing allergens from outside onto your bed through their fur.


Carpets might as well be called dirt magnets. If the source of your allergies is literally under your nose, it’s time to consider ripping out those carpets in exchange for wood or other floor materials. Pet dander, mold, and dust mites live and thrive in carpets. They might feel great under your feet, but can you go another day sneezing and sniffling?

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Do you think one of these is causing your allergies? It’s time to act now and free yourself from allergies once and for all.