3 Home Cleaning Tips for Expecting Women

an electric vacuumIn a 2017 article, a study found that many Canadians are delaying childbirth but still, hundreds of thousands of women give birth every single year in the country. The 9-month journey is both fun and angst-laden for many women. Apart from the regular checkups with doctors, there are many preparations to be made—including home cleaning before the baby or babies arrive. Here are some cleaning tips for expectant mothers and why it matters.

Leave the litter duty to other members of the household

If you have pets at home, it’s important to let other people in your household or hired help to do the job. Remember that no matter how clean you’d like your pets to be, your furry friends could be harboring bacteria that could harm both you and your baby. Similar to how you would hire mold removal services in Canada, leave this task to others and just focus on other things you can safely clean and organize around the house.

Leave the nursery painting to your partner

And speaking of delegating tasks, you need to delegate painting the nursery to your partner. You don’t need to hire professional painters for the job (unless you want to!) but you should stay away from the paint to avoid traces of solvents and lead that could harm your baby. While there is much lead- and solvent-free paint, it’s better to stay away. Just focus on choosing the paint color and texture and let other people do the actual painting.

Let there be air!

And when all the cleaning and painting is done, remember to air out your home to get rid of the smells. Pregnant women’s sense of smell are more intense, so a whiff of paint could start headaches. If you’re planning to try aromatherapy, just make sure you get a go signal from your doctor first to be on the safe side.

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Enjoy The Preparations

Preparing for the arrival of your baby is a fantastic time. So make sure you play it safe as well by remember these simple tips. Congratulations!