3 Effective Ways to Remove Moss on Roofs

Gutter Cleaning in PortlandMoss is known to grow very well in a damp and shady environment. For this matter, therefore, they usually thrive on the north side of a house roof. The reason being, they get less amount of light from the sun. They also grow below overhanging trees and branches because of the shade. If left to dominate for sometimes, moss can degrade a roof.

Here are three effective ways of getting rid of moss on roofs:

1. Use a scrub brush

It is easy to remove moss using your hands. What you need is a long handled scrub brush. However, you need to be keen so that you don’t overdo it. You can also use a pressure washer if you don’t have a scrub brush. However, the problem with a pressure washer is that its powerful jet can damage the shingles. With either approach, you have to be careful so that you don’t break or lift shingles.

2. Make use of chemicals

Some chemicals on the market are designed specifically to destroy moss. You can also use diluted bleach. However, this one is dangerous to plants as it can easily damage them. When using chemicals, safety is vital. Therefore, ensure that you wear rubber gloves, eye protection goggles, as well as protective clothing.

3. Try copper and zinc strips

To stop moss from growing in your home, cut back any part that is hanging on the roof. You can install zinc or copper strips along the ridges. The treatment for moss is the same as that of algae stains; thus, you can use chemicals meant to destroy algae stains.

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If you cannot remove moss on your own, you can always get help from a gutter cleaning company in Portland, OR. These professionals will remove the moss for you and ensure these do not return.